Moses Baskets

Moses baskets are a great choice for newborn babies, offering a cosy, comfy and suitably sized space for their sleeping needs. The transportable and lightweight nature of the baskets also makes them ideal for mum and dad to carry them between rooms as needed.

They are suitable for the first 3-4 months of baby's life, depending on how quickly he or she grows and needs to progress to a cot.

So what are the pros of considering a moses basket?

Easy to store, small and light

Easy to transport and carry around the home

They can be rested on a moses basket stand

Ideal for newborns, and help baby to feel snug and cosy

They come in a wide range of styles and finishes, whether you prefer a white or cream Izziwotnot moses basket for example.

Moses baskets can be cheaper than buying a baby crib, which can be a real attraction for parents initially as they need to buy a range of items for their newborn.

Most come with adjustable hoods and we also sell decorative blankets to keep your little one warm and cosy.

They are available at both budget and luxury prices, so needn't be expensive for parents on a budget.

A note on stands

A moses basket stand is a great option to save your back and to elevate baby to a height where you can keep an eye on them sleeping. Make sure you place the stand on a flat and safe surface. Most of these stands are easy to store, foldable, and will help you ease your little one off to sleep. 

Moving towards a cot bed...

Your moses basket will be suitable until baby begins to pull him or herself up. From this stage, a cot or cot bed is needed.

Bear in mind too that you mustn't carry your baby around inside the basket if you are using a short handled style.

Remember, your newborn should sleep on his or her back, not the side or front. Baby covers must be tucked in securely and not reach above baby's shoulders, and the temperature of the room should be between 16 to 20 degrees. A room thermometer can be a useful addition to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature for a sleeping baby.

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