Buggies / Strollers

If you are a parent who is 'on the go' or if you spend a lot of your time out and about with your little one, then you will need transportation for your baby that fits with this active lifestyle. Pushchairs or strollers are lightweight, easy to push while allowing your baby to be secure and comfortable. This means that as well as for daily use, they are perfect for using on holidays or short breaks when space in your car or on public transport is at a premium.

In the Maclaren BMW buggy your baby will be just as comfortable as they would be in a bigger, more substantial pushchair. The difference is that this buggy is extremely lightweight, weighing only 5.7kg, which makes it very easy to push. Its lightweight design means that it is also easy to fold and store. The buggy is suitable for use from 6 months and is available in silver, blue and black. Alternatively, the Bugaboo Bee pushchair can be used from birth up to 17kg and will grow with your child. This pushchair is easy to use as it is both compact and lightweight and the black base colour can be customised with coloured covers depending on your preference.

If you are a parent to twins, or siblings who are close in age, then the Maclaren Twin Techno is ideal. This pushchair for two is available in black or champagne and comes with all the accessories you need such as aprons, head huggers and a rain cover. The pushchair also folds easily for the car or public transport.