Designed to offer functionality, safety and comfort, Bugaboo pushchairs are all created with the belief that it is not about where you are but where you can go, that’s why Bugaboo pushchairs seamlessly adapt to whatever environment you are in to ensure a smooth ride for baby and easy manoeuvrability for you.

As designers of the world’s first modular pushchair, Bugaboo pushchairs help you and your youngest travellers explore the world with absolute ease.

The Bugaboo range of pushchairs is divided into four main models: the Bugaboo Bee, the Bugaboo Cameleon, the Bugaboo Buffalo and the Bugaboo Donkey.

Bugaboo Bee is the ultimate urban pushchair. Light, easy and quick, Bugaboo Bee pushchairs are great value as they can be used from birth to toddler, the seat can be reversed, reclined and extended in just a few clicks!

Bugaboo Cameleon is a completely adaptive pushchair. Multi-terrain, Cameleon prams are also suitable for newborn or toddler and the pushchair adapts to your journey, whether you are travelling through a city, the woods, sand or snow – the Cameleon will take you there with ease!

Bugaboo Buffalo is designed for the adventurous families out there. It can handle any terrain from snowy mountains to sand dunes, the Buffalo can handle anything! Built to be robust. It has an incredibly large seat unit, allowing for a child weight of up to 23kg. Meaning that even when your 5 year old gets tired on your Sunday hike, they can take a much needed rest in their favourite stroller.

The Bugaboo Donkey range includes pushchairs that can be adapted from a single pram to a twin pram – ideal for parents with two children of different ages or twins of the same age! Each Bugaboo donkey pushchair also offers flexible luggage options, so there is always room for baby’s essentials and your shopping bags!

With comfortable, durable and easily removable fabrics, Bugaboo fabrics can be washed whenever you like. Why not come and view Bugaboo pushchairs in our Liverpool-based store, you can even take the latest prams out for a test drive in our showroom!