A baby’s journey with their car seat begins the very first time you drive them home from the hospital. From the first time to when they are old enough to sit independently with a seatbelt, you want to make sure that they are as safe as possible when travelling in a car – that is where BeSafe car seats come in.

With complete Scandinavian safety, after testing and innovation BeSafe have discovered that sitting rear-facing is the safest way for a child to sit in the car, that’s why they encourage rear-facing car seats for as long as possible, ideally until your baby is at least four years old.

Rear-facing is five times safer than facing forwards. If a child was to face forward during an accident, their neck would be subjected to strong forces, however travelling rear-facing reduces these forces, helping to lower the risk of injury – providing you as the parent great peace of mind as you drive.

Each BeSafe car seat is ergonomically designed to ensure that your child not only has a safe journey but a comfortable journey too.

Encouraging rear-facing for as long as possible, BeSafe car seats come in a range of sizes to cater to children of different ages. Remember to check the weight restrictions on car seats before you buy to make sure that you have chosen the safest seat for your child.

Easily adjustable, and available in a range of colours. Make the safe choice by choosing a BeSafe car seat for your baby. Come and view the latest BeSafe car seats in-store today at My Crib Rocks.