Car Seat Accessories

If you drive regularly with your little one, then you will have already invested in a good car seat from one of the leading brands including Babystyle, Britax, BeSafe, Cybex and Orbit Baby. And these same brands - plus others, also offer a superb range of car seat accessories too.

There are accessories available that range from the functional to the purely fun - covering all budgets and requirements.

Comfort and protection

Ultra car seat mats or gripper mats are excellent for securing the car seat firmly in place and adding a touch of extra insulation and comfort for baby. They also protect the car seat from scuffs and scratches. Seat back and scuff protectors are also available.

Keeping an extra view

Easy view back seat mirrors are very handy for parents to keep an eye on their little one in the back, as well as being able to see the road as they drive. These adjustable mirrors are easy to install and remove as needed.

Tidy back seats

Back seat trays and organisers are essential for keeping everything neat and tidy in the back, especially if accessories are starting to spill over! They are also very handy if you have older children travelling too, to store books, toys and beakers in for the journey.

Preventing sun glare

Roller sunshades will ensure that your little one doesn't end up with the sun in his or her eyes during the journey - there are roller and pop-up versions too which can be installed temporarily and then removed when the sun is no longer an issue. Cooling summer car seats will also prevent the sun from scorching your car seat and making it too hot to be comfortable when you return to the car.

Fun and awareness

For fun - and to alert other drivers - you'll find a great range of 'baby on board' stickers and window alerts - great to flag up your precious cargo and ask other drivers to be mindful.

Comfort for longer trips

For longer journeys, look for child travel pillows and drink pods, which allow easy rest and refreshment.

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