How to prepare your pushchair for winter

The cold winter months are the perfect time to give your pushchair a mini service. Not only will you be starting the year afresh by cleaning off all those old suncreams and summer ice cream stains, but you'll also have the opportunity to check that all the wheels and moving parts are performing well and as they should be.

 So, we at My Crib Rocks decided to create a winter pram service checklist that's designed to keep your existing buggy in tip top condition throughout the colder months.

 (Please make sure you read your pushchair's instructions specifically when it comes to removing, washing and replacing parts.)

• Either sponge clean all fabrics with warm soapy water, or if possible remove fabrics and wash on a 30* wash. We recommend that you do NOT use fabric softener. Allow the fabrics to dry naturally - don't put them into tumble dryers or on radiators.

• Rub a bar of beeswax up and down the teeth on any zips.

• If possible, remove all wheels. Pump up tyres if needed. TOP TIP: In winter air tyres will need to be checked for air loss weekly or fortnightly. Clean any debris from around the wheel, and lubricate with general lubricants like WD40 or motor grease.  This enables the wheels to move easily providing a smoother ride for baby.

• Get out any foot muffs and rain covers you may have stored away.

• If your pram or rain cover get caught in a downpour, always allow it to dry naturally.  Perhaps keep the pram in an upright / unfolded position in your home and hang the rain cover up to dry also.

• Rock salt causes rust - if you notice the streets have rock salt on always rinse off with warm soapy water when you arrive home.

• Foot muffs, cosytoes and sleeping bags provide extra protection from the elements for babies and toddlers. Some brand's colourways and designs can sell out early on in winter so please order as early as possible!

• Wash any summer accessories and pack away for later on in the year, it is time to get your little one cosy!