Introducing the new iCandy Orange

iCandy Orange

Now in store for spring 2017, is the brand new iCandy Orange. The new iCandy has been 'built using recognisable iCandy DNA', to quote the manufacturer. You know as well as we do, that makes it one of the most versatile, coveted travel systems on the market.

iCandy is the almost undisputed champion of the industry and the iCandy Orange proves why.

This super stylish design, with unparalleled functionality, is already a favourite of ours and is quickly becoming a favourite amongst our customers too.

What makes the iCandy Orange so great?

Frankly, the entire iCandy range is pretty wonderful but with each new launch, this team of British designers tags on a little something extra special.

Like the rest of the iCandy range, the iCandy Orange is lightweight, great looking and highly adaptable. This particular model weaves together two materials, to create the eye catching and ultra modern orange fabric. There are minimal rivets on display, giving it a sleek and streamline look.

The new iCandy travel system offers an unbelievable 30 configuration and combination options – something that no other travel system on the market can currently match.

Thankfully another trademark feature of iCandy products is how intuitive and easy they are to use.

Most notable features of the iCandy Orange

If you're shopping for your first travel system you might wonder why you should pay iCandy prices. It's a fair question but actually, iCandy prices are reasonable when considered on a per use basis. iCandy travel systems are unrivalled in their versatility, which means they will last you for longer than most others – even accommodating a second baby or toddler.

The most impressive features introduced with the iCandy Orange include:

A ride-on board, integral to the frame, that can carry up to 20kg. Now an older sibling can ride along with your baby, without you having to purchase any additional equipment.

A soft-touch leatherette handle/bumper bar that rotates to provide easy access to your child – an iCandy first.

The ability to convert into a double pushchair with 'cinema seating', allowing the adult to maintain eye contact with both children throughout the journey. (available configurations allow the child or children to be either parent facing or world facing)

All in all we think the new iCandy Orange is a wonder that has to be seen to be believed. Call into the store to check it out and to find out how simple it is to use a flexible, multi-configuration iCandy travel system that could well be your most useful possession for the next few years!