The all new Bugaboo travel system

All new artist designed Bugaboo baby prams

The new Bugaboo travel system is now available, complete with unique artwork by artist Niark1, at the number one Liverpool pram shop, My Crib Rocks.

We know that buying a pram system can be like buying a new car!

You find yourself comparing features, eyeing up other people's prams on the street and just generally looking at these small baby vehicles in a way that you previously reserved for the latest BMW.

Bugaboo travel systems have long been the Mercedes Benz' of prams.

Suitable for use from birth, with all terrain wheels and easy to assemble and disassemble despite their myriad fittings and varied uses, Bugaboo baby prams are amongst our biggest sellers.

Now French artist and illustrator Niark1 has added his colourful graphics to the Bugaboo range to make them as cool as they are functional.

front angle of the bugaboo travel system designed by niark1

The Illustrated Bugaboo travel system by Niark1

The selection of colourful prints now available for several Bugaboo travel systems offer a playful take on Niark1's signature monster illustrations.

They are all about 'monsters on the move' and they are designed to be enjoyed by you and your little ones alike.

With colourful friends jumping out at you in contrast to the black fabric, your Bugaboo baby pram will be the envy of the high street.

Take a look inside the hood and you'll spot a colourful, engaging design that is sure to keep tiny eyes enraptured.

young woman pushing the bugaboo travel system by niark1

As we approach summer, it's good to know that a beautiful petrol blue Breezy Sun Canopy is also available to shield your baby from excessive rays. This accessory to the Bugaboo travel system, quite naturally features a happy gang of summer ready monsters.

What is available from the Liverpool pram shop?

We like to consider ourselves as the coolest Liverpool pram shop on the block, so naturally we are amongst the first in the area to be stocking these brand new Bugaboo travel systems, complete with monsters on the move.

The Niark1 designs are available for the Bugaboo Cameleon, Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Donkey and Bugaboo Buffalo.

The accessories are available separately, so whether you want to buy an entirely new Bugaboo travel system or simply brighten up your existing one the option is there.

We're sure that your little angels will love our little monsters!