Fox Phenomenon

Whilst it feels like the whole world has been waiting for February to arrive so that we can finally put those January blues behind us, us girls at My Crib Rocks have been eagerly awaiting February for an entirely different reason. The launch of Bugaboo’s newest and, in our opinion, best pushchair yet – the Bugaboo Fox. Okay, okay, I am probably a little over excited for this launch, I know the Fox is hardly going to break the internet. But, WOWSER it is a game changer. Bugaboo changed the world of pushchairs back in 1999 with the launch of the Frog, and they may have just done it again.


a family walking with a blue bugaboo fox pram

The Fox - its features, its design, its smoothness, its ease of use, its weight (or lack of it) - is unparalleled on the market. It remains close to Bugaboo’s identity of style, so may not look ground breaking on first appearance, but it is a ‘have it all’ product. I believe all Fox users will fall in love with their pushchairs from the moment they glide out of their front door. The customisable concept offers consumers a variety of chassis colours, sun canopies, seat fabrics, bassinet fabrics, wheel hubs and handle bar grips – meaning the singularity so many of us crave in fashion and lifestyle brands is now achievable in your child’s pushchair too. Allowing you to express your own individual style.

Consumers and retailers alike have been teased by Bugaboo over the last few weeks, with little snippets and sneak peaks on social media, then today we finally got to meet the Fox. And boy oh boy were we blown away! As comfortable in rural areas as it is in city life, the Bugaboo Fox has been aptly named. So, we donned our raincoats and scarves, and put the newest kid on the block to the test in industrial-turned-cosmopolitan Manchester.


bugaboo fox pram in black

We went for a stroll along cobbled roads, canal banks, city streets, stone stepped bridges and uphill (!!) pathways. And we strolled. Strolled. This may seem like an understatement, but the test was so effortless that we strolled, chatted, admired the views and made baby noises at our babies (albeit they were weighted dolls in babygrows). The incredible suspension meant baby had a bump-free ride, the two-wheel mode made it easy for me independently to go up a set of steps and down another set of steps without having to remove baby from the Fox, and the extensive sun canopy meant that baby was sheltered from the low winter sun. Not once was it difficult. It was an enjoyable stroll. Which reiterates Bugaboo’s PR campaign “Say YES” to going anywhere and doing anything – this pushchair has no restrictions. It simply fits with modern day life. Ultimately, design at its best.

The only bad news is… it doesn’t officially arrive until 1st March 2018. So, here’s to me wishing away another month.


Bugaboo Fox in store at My Crib Rocks from 1st March 2018.

Destined to be the King of pushchairs….. all hail the King FOX!!!